For peace and the right to refuge


Daily, we learn about events that leave a mark on us: war, hunger, slavery, unemployment, violence, exclusion… causing the exodus of millions of people.

Humans that flee from pain, suffering, death, seeking refuge.

Online round table

Indigenous peoples and the origins of refuge in Brazil

Lots of us would like to do something but don’t always know how.

with that intention is born


is a citizen initiative. It is a nonprofit organization, composed of groups of differing backgrounds; social, cultural, educational, neighborhood, political, Trade Unions, artistic, caring people, institutions and businesses with social responsibility


has as its objective the defense of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Rights and the Right to Refuge.


opens a meeting space to seek answers collectively.


delves into the causes of events, for contrast and verification purposes.


is an expression of commitment to peace and the right to refuge.


promotes participation and involvement.


is an active social encounter, with participation from the protagonists: victims, NGOs, journalists; we offer projection of films, photography, music, theater, clowns … art events of all kinds.Also provides guided visits to further understand the environment of a refugee field. To understand the real causes of war.


facilitates citizen participation: each person collaborating with their individual energy, skill and opinion with: NGOs, Associations, Political organizations, unions, Institutions, informal groups, companies with Social Responsibility, professional collectives, etc.


Acampa Piracicaba

Acampa Madrid

Acampa A Coruña

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A Coruña: 43.371200, -8.395900
Piracicaba: -22.725300, -47.649200
Madrid: 40.416700, -3.703580